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Use of or access to this site is subject to the following legal notices, disclaimers and terms of use. 

This website is maintained by Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm.


The materials displayed on this website, and any links, are for informational purposes only.  Neither the content on this website nor any transmission of information between you and Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm through this website is intended to provide legal or other advice, or to create an attorney-client relationship.  

A lawyer-client relationship with Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm is only created by express written agreement via email or through a personal contract. Your use of this website, or the information or links contained in it, does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm.  Any unsolicited information sent or e-mailed to Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm as a result of visiting this website shall not be treated as confidential by Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm, and the law firm is under no obligation to keep such information confidential.  Therefore, if you are interested in hiring Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm, please call or email and consult with us directly before sending the law firm any documents or confidential information.

Although Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm attempts to keep the information on this website current, Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm does not guarantee the accuracy of the information, and assumes no obligation to keep the information complete, current or accurate.  All information provided by on this website is provided “as is”.

As a convenience, this website may provide links to third-party websites.  Such linked websites are not under the control of Zambrano & Asociados, and Zambrano & Asociados assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the contents of such websites. Likewise, none of the other website owners are responsible for the content of the Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm website.

This website, the name Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm and the Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm logo, as well as all original text, images, trademarks, tradenames, and other intellectual property, are protected by the copyright laws of the Republic of Ecuador.  Any visitor is welcome to print a copy of the material on this website for personal, informational and noncommercial use, but for no other purpose, without the express written consent of Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm.  Inclusion of any part of this website in another work, or including any part of this website in another website by means of linking, framing or other method, without the express written permission of Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm is strictly prohibited.



Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm website is designed so that you can freely browse the site for information without revealing personal data. Any personal information sent to our Office via email, is done so at the free will of the sender. 

All information given to the Zambrano & Asociados Law Firm from its prospective clients, clients or agents of its clients is kept strictly confidential and on a need-to-know basis, which is protected under attorney/client privilege. You can be assured that your personal information is used only by our trained legal staff for the purpose of the work you have engaged our office to do. Our clients’ information is never used for marketing, unless there is written consent on this regards, and it is never sold or given to anyone for this purpose.

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